A New Year, Another Con, and What’s Coming

I owe my readers an apology for neglecting my blog since before Christmas. What have I been up to?

BookCoverPreviewOn February 26th I published the second edition of Salvaging the Beast. It wasn’t easy coming to a decision on performing a heavy revision of my first book, but once I did there was no looking back. Beast is now a book I am entirely proud of with zero reservations. In my previous blog post from November, I explained more in depth why I felt this was a necessary step.

For those of you who read the first edition, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart. You took a step to try out a new author. If you purchased a hard copy, talk to me and I might just give you a free signed copy of the second edition. It’s only fair, in my opinion. I shall include an author’s note in the second book to explain the changes so everyone will be up to speed.

I got my author hat idea from someplace.

On the day I published the second edition of Beast, I drove up to Virginia for Mysticon. I purchased a pile of books by several authors and attended some excellent panels. The most thrilling accomplishment of the weekend was having George R.R. Martin sign a hardback copy of Game of Thrones.

Work is progressing on Book Two, Dark Solutions. I’m shooting for a late Spring release, however, my track record up to now suggests that meeting deadlines is not my strong suit. I shall endeavor to keep you all updated on my progress.

Lastly, I’ve got a new interview coming out real soon. More on that later. Until then, I appreciate your support and your feedback.

2 thoughts on “A New Year, Another Con, and What’s Coming

  1. Congratulations on going through with your revisions. I have read many stories that needed work but the authors were afraid or didn’t want to put in the effort to make their story really worth selling.
    It isn’t an easy things to do so you should be proud you accomplished it!
    And how fun to meet George Martin!

    Happy writing!

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