The Fall and Rise of the Third Planet


…the victim of an unexpected collision with an unknown planet.

Salvaging the Beast Cover Cropped

A mysterious object is discovered among the debris, raising suspicion about the death of Earth. One person whose life was touched by the artifact now faces it again. With new allies he finds purpose and begins a dangerous road to discovery.

As refugees struggle to survive in the wake of destruction, the future of humanity is uncertain.

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On the space station housing refugees from Earth, a weary administrator makes tough decisions.  To remove an incompetent leader she must hand the station over to someone dangerous and unpredictable.

A career assassin flexes her wings as captain of her banished uncle’s ship. A commando who deserted his unit faces those he betrayed. An even greater danger is along for the ride.

[Available 2017]

Earth has fallen… will her children rise?

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