September Book Tour

CO5FE-DWgAA2oMIMy September book tour was a success. I appeared in New Bern, NC for a local author symposium at the public library. We had eight authors total. If you know anything about writers, we are in good company with each other.

Turnout was low, very likely brought on by the Kiss of Death: torrential downpour a half hour before the show was slated to begin. However, I enjoyed meeting several residents of New Bern who braved the weather to support local talent.

So yeah… about that. Having me there as a guest stretched the “local author” thing a bit thin, but I consider all of NC my home, so that’s okay, right?

I had about ten minutes to speak. I thought I was doing okay until I noticed my hands were messing with my face and I kept leaning on the podium. This did not go unnoticed.

I was told by one author that I should take up acting. I’ll add that to my bucket list.

I sold a book! My first ever hard copy sale in person. I need to frame that five-dollar bill.

A week later, I held my first ever solo author visit at the public library in Albemarle, NC. I couldn’t hide amongst seven other writers this time. I was headlining.

One thing I knew for sure: I was keeping my hands away from my face. Flinging them out in the air, I let them gesture as I spoke, performing a vital duty to get my points across. At least that’s what I hope they were doing.

It was a great talk with great questions from the audience. I managed to ramble on and hold everyone’s attention for an hour. I didn’t even have time to read from my book. My guests were lucky and spared all that filler.

I sold five copies this time, but that’s not what excited me most. One of the audience told me that she had been uncertain about whether she ought to become a writer. Listening to me talk inspired her to take it seriously, and she was very grateful to me.

Could an author ask for anything more?

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